Jogja Library Center


This presentation a personal experience with a very limited message, meant for tourists. If somebody is realy interested in the library facilities of Yogyakarta, he had better visit the following websites: and

Jogja Library Center is my cup of tea, because I did not visit yet the other three units of a chain of four libraries.


Badan Perpustakaan dan Arsip Daerah Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Address of Jogja Library Center: Jl. Malioboro No. 175, Yogyakarta


You can find the Library at the Northern end of the Malioboro. You can have a clear view of the ancient colonial building, from the entrance of Ina Garuda.

Ina Garuda: a first class hotel. At the left wing there is an office of Garuda Airways,
at the right wing there is an official money changer.

Jogja Library Center: A two story building.

Apart from being a library, the center is also one of five archives that are spread over the city. A fact to remember is that the city of Yogyakarta has not suffered from the "hangus bumi" (burning of archives) which raged during the Bersiap period. You could even find the registry of the Japanese rulers.


Librarian Henrikus Msc. History. He would like to make a Phd. study of the Javanese diaspora in Surinam.
Above picture in more detail in order to view the female student, who wants to study in Europe, click here


WARNET (warung internet), and WIFI hotspot by means of a fixed-line service. Visitors can hire one of the PC's or can use their own laptops.

In case the connection via the fixed line falls out, there is a 3G WIFI backup.

The Japanese city of Kyoto has a special corner in the Jogja Library Center.

A visitor from the Netherlands

A visitor from Holland Paul, and librarian Henrikus were photographed by the nice female student (see picture above).

Making a new friend on May Day 2012

To the right of librarian Hendrikus a new friend Mr. Pamuji.