X-tus I can't give you anything but love, baby
Una Mae Carlisle and Fats Waller, 1939       Back to: Lyrics Index
H. Caecilia

I can't give you anything but love, baby; 
That's the only thing I've plenty of, baby! 
Yeah, what am I supposed to do? 
Dream awhile, 
Scheme awhile, 
You're wrong. 
You're sure to find 
There's lot's of things I'm sure to find. 
And, I guess, 
All those things you're sure to pine for. 

Gee, I'd love to see you looking swell, baby, 
Well, my tailor's waiting right outside the door;
you can catch me lookin' swell; 
Diamond bracelets Woolworths doesn't sell, my little baby; 
I never had a diamond bracelet in my life;
what do I want it for? 
Till that lucky day, you know darn well, 
What happens? What goes on in here? 
Oh, baby! 
That I can't give you anything but love. 

Come here; let me tell you something: 
I can't dish out anything but love, babe; 
That's the only thing I 've got plenty of, baby! 
Talk about dreamin' awhile, 
Schemin' awhile, 
You're sure to find, 
Happiness, yeah, and all those fine Arabian things
your little heart pines for, yeah! 
Skip 'em. 

I'd love to see you looking swell, 
Diamond bracelets Woolworths
ain't got no business sellin' 'em. 
You can go to , go , ah, to well, well, well, 
'Cause till that lucky day, 
You know darn well, well, baby, 
I ain't dishin' out nothin',
ain't gettin' off on nothin' but love. 
How's that, babe? Here's your diamonds. 

Heilige Geest
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