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Heilige Geest
H. Caecilia
  1. A Beautiful (Jan Garber)  Lady In Blue
  2. Adeste Fidelis (John F. Wade)  Oh Come, All Ye Faithful (midi)
  3. A Bicycle Made For Two Daisy Bell (midi)
  4. Adieu Mein (Robert Stolz)  Kleiner Gardeoffizier
  5. A Fool (Elvis Presley)  Such As I
  6. After The (Charles K. Harris)  Ball Is Over (midi)
  7. Again (Doris Day)  Again (midi)
  8. Ah! Sweet Mystery (Young & Herbert)  Of Life (midi)
  9. Ain't She (Milton Ager)  Sweet (midi)
  10. Ajoen-Ajoen (Krontjonglied)  In Die Hoge Klapperboom
  11. Alexander's (Irving Berlin)  Ragtime Band (midi)
  12. Allegheny (Patty Page)  Moon
  13. Alleman Van Neerlands Stam (H.J. den Hertog)  Een Lied Van Nederland (midi)
  14. All (Louis Armstrong)  Of Me (midi)
  15. Alte Kameraden (Carl Albert Hermann Teike)  Auf Dem Marsch (midi)
  16. Aloha Oe (Queen Liliuokalani)  Aloha OE (midi)
  17. Always (The Ink Spots)  Always (midi)
  18. Always (Glenn Miller)  In My Heart
  19. Amapola (Joseph M. Lacalle)  My Pretty Little Poppy (midi)
  20. Am Golf von (J. Pfeil)  Biskaya (midi)
  21. Amor, Amor, (Gabriel Ruiz)  Amor (midi)
  22. Anchors (Traditional)  Aweigh My Boys (midi)
  23. An Apple (Bing Crosby)  For The Teacher
  24. A Room Full (Sammy Kaye)  Of Roses (midi)
  25. Arrivederci (Mario Lanza)  Roma
  26. As Time (Andy Williams)  Goes By (midi)
  27. At The (Orrin Tucker)  Balalaika
  28. Auf (Vera Linn)  Wiedersehen
  29. Ay No (Chris Montez)  Digas        
  30. Baby (Art Mooney)  Face (midi)
  31. Ballerina (Buddy Clark)  Dance
  32. Beautiful (Rosemary Clooney)  Brown Eyes
  33. Beautiful (Stephen C. Foster)  Dreamer (midi)
  34. Because (Tony Bennet)  Of You (midi)
  35. Beelden Uit (gedicht)  Mijn Kinderjaren
  36. Bei Mir (The Andrew Sisters)  Bist Du Shön
  37. Begin (Artie Shaw)  The Beguine
  38. Be My (Rosemary Clooney)  Lifes Companion
  39. Be My (Mario Lanza)  Love
  40. Bésame (Jimmy Dorsey)  Mucho (midi)
  41. Bengawan (Gesang)  Solo (midi)
  42. Bewitched (Bonnie Lou Williams)  Bewitched (midi)
  43. Bimbo (Rod Morris)  Bimbo
  44. Blue (Jimmy Dorsey)  Champagne
  45. Blue (Ella Fitzgerald)  Moon (midi)
  46. Brazil (Frank Sinatra)  Brazil
  47. Britannia The Pride Of The (Thomas A'Becket)  Ocean (midi)
  48. Broadway Melody  Broadway Melody
  49. Bummel (Herman Frey)  Petrus (midi)
  50. Bunga (Ismail Marzuki)  Anggrek
  51. Bye Bye (Joe Crocker)  Blackbird
  52. By The Light (Doris Day)  Of The Silvery Moon (midi)        
  53. Changing (Kay Starr)  Partners
  54. Cheek To (Eva Cassidy)  Cheek (midi)
  55. Cherry Pink (Alan Dale)  And Apple Blossom White
  56. Chiribiribib  Chiribiribin
  57. Cielito (Quirino Mendoza y Cortés)  Lindo (midi)
  58. Civilization (The Andrew Sisters)  Civilization
  59. Come Closer (Nat King Cole)  To Me
  60. Cool (Frankie Laine)  Water
  61. Cotton Fields (The Highwaymen)  Back Home
  62. Count Your Blessings (Bing Crosby)  Instead Of Sheeps
  63. Cry (Johnny Ray)  Cry
  64. Crying (Ella Fitzgerald)  In The Chapel
  65. Darling Je Vous Aime (Nat King Cole)  Beaucoup
  66. Darling (B.R. Hanby) Nelly Gray (midi)
  67. Das Gibt's Nur Einmal (W.R. Heymann)  Das Kommt Nicht Wieder
  68. Das Ist Die Liebe (W.R. Heymann 1931)  Der Matrosen
  69. Das Waldhorn (Friedrich Silcher)  Wat Moeder Doet Is Altijd Goed (midi)
  70. Dear Hearts And (Bing Crosby)  Gentle People
  71. Deep (Jimmy Dorsey )  Purple
  72. Der Lindenbaum (F. Schubert)  Am Brunnen vor dem Tore (midi)
  73. Der Treue (Volksweise 1825)  Husar (midi)
  74. Devil (Marty Robbins)  Woman
  75. Diamonds Are (Marlyn Monroe)  A Girl's Best Friend (MP3)
  76. Die Blümelein, (Johannes Brahms)  Sie Schlafen (midi)
  77. Domino ()  Domino (midi)
  78. Donau (J. Strauss II)  So Blau (midi)
  79. Don't (Bing Crosby)  Fence Me In (midi)
  80. Don't Let The Stars (Perry Como)  Get In Your Eyes
  81. Du bist die Rose (Traditional)  Die Rose vom Wörthersee        
  82. Easter (Fred Astair and Judy Garland )  Parade
  83. Eine kleine Frühlingsweise (Fritz Kreisler)  Humoreske (midi)
  84. El (Julio Iglesias)  Choclo
  85. El (ballade)  Paso
  86. Far Away (Bing Crosby)  Places
  87. Fascinating (Fred Astair)  Rhythm
  88. Fascination (Jane Morgan)  Turned To Love
  89. Fever (Peggy Lee)  Fever
  90. Fine (Jerome Kern)  Romance
  91. Five (Frank Sinatra)  Minutes More
  92. For Ever And Ever  My Heart Will Be True
  93. For Me And (Judy Garland & Gene Kelly)  My Gal (midi)
  94. Fraulein (Jim Reeves)  Fraulein (midi)
  95. Goodmorning (Gene Kelly et al.)  Goodmorning
  96. Goodnight (Gordon Jenkins)  Irene (midi)
  97. Goodnight (Dean Martin)  Sweetheart (midi)
  98. Grenada (Frankie Laine)  Grenada
  99. Guten Abend (Johannes Brahms)  Gute Nacht        
  100. Haidschi (Grieks Wiegelied)  Bumbaidschi (midi)
  101. Hallo Bandoeng (Willy Derby en E. Paoli 1930) )  Ja moeder hier ben ik
  102. Happy Days (Barbara Streisand)  Are Here Againg
  103. Hawaiian (Harry Owens)  Paradise
  104. Hawaiian (Andy Williams)  Wedding Song
  105. Heartaches (Guy Mitchell)  By The Number
  106. Heart Of (Be Ryan)  My Heart (midi)
  107. Heigh Ho, (Snow White, Disney)  Heigh Ho ! (midi)
  108. He'll Have (Jim Reeves)  To Go
  109. Hello (Louis Armstrong)  Dolly
  110. Hello (Ricky Nelson)  Marylou
  111. Here In (Vic Damone)  My Heart
  112. Honey Suckle (Lena Horne)  Rose
  113. How Much Is That (Patti Page)  Doggie In The Window
  114. How High (Gloria Gaynor)  The Moon        
  115. Humoresk (Fritz Kreisler)  Humoresk (midi)
  116. I Believe (Frankie Laine)  I Believe
  117. I Can't Give You (The Ink Spots)  Anything But Love
  118. I Can't Give You (Carlisle & Waller 1939)  Anything But Love
  119. Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten (F. Silcher, H. Heine)  Die Lorelei (midi)
  120. I'll Be With You ( )  In Appleblossom Time (midi)
  121. I'm Always Chasing (Perry Como)  Rainbows
  122. I'm Looking Over a (Art Mooney)  Four-Leave Clover
  123. I'm Making (Ella F. and The Ink Spots)  Believe
  124. I'm Nobody's (Judy Garland)  Baby
  125. I Love (Nat King Cole)  Paris
  126. Indonesia (Supratman)  Raya (midi)
  127. Indonesia (Supratman)  Raya (MP3)
  128. In Einer Kleinen (1930)  Konditorei (midi)
  129. It Had (Gus Kahn)  To Be You (midi)
  130. It's A Sin (Billy Mayhew)  To Tell A Lie (midi)
  131. I Want To Be (Tony Bennett)  Happy
  132. In An Old Dutch (Glenn Miller) Garden
  133. In Naam Van Orange (A.J. Schooleman)  Doe Open De Poort (midi)
  134. In The Shade Of (The Ink Spots) The Old Apple Tree
  135. Into Each Life (Teresa Brewer) Some Rain Must Fall
  136. Island (Harry Belafonte)  In The Sun
  137. Isle Of (Ray Noble)  Capri
  138. Isn't This (Fred Astair)  A Lovely Day
  139. Istambul (The Four Lads)  Not Constantinopel
  140. It Happened (Frank Sinatra)  In Monterey
  141. It Might As Well (Andy Williams)  Be Spring        
  142. Jamaica (Harry Belafonte)  Farwell
  143. Jealousy (Frankie Laine)  Jealousy
  144. Jezebel (Frankie Laine)  Jezebel
  145. Just Walking (Johnnie Ray)  In The Rain
  146. Keep On (Tom Jones)  Smiling
  147. Kommt Ein Vogel (Wenzel Müller)  Geflogen (midi)
  148. La (Trini Lopez)  Bamba
  149. Lady Be (Fred Astair)  Good
  150. Lady Of (Paul Anka)  Spain
  151. Lilli (Marlène Dietrich)  Marlene (midi)
  152. Land Of (Benson)  Hope And Glory (midi)
  153. La Paloma (Freddi Quinn)  La Paloma (midi)
  154. Laughing At The Outside (Sammy Kaye)  Crying On The Inside
  155. Leise Flehen (Schubert)  Ständchen (midi)
  156. Leise über sanften Wogen (Zeemanslied)  Die Mädchen Aus Batavia (midi)
  157. Let Me Call You (Leo Friedman)  Sweetheart (midi)
  158. Lisbon (Mich Miller)  Antigua
  159. Little (Pinocchio)  Wooden Head (midi)
  160. Living (Cliff Richard)  Doll
  161. Look For (Judy Garland)  The Silver Lining (midi)
  162. Love And (Frank Sinatra)  Marriage
  163. Lovely Hula (R. Alex Anderson)  Hands
  164. Lover Come Back (Jeanette MacDonald)  To Me
  165. Love Walked In (Gershwin)  And Drove The Shadows Away
  166. Lullaby (Dorsey Brothers)  Broadway        
  167. Magic Moments (Perry Como)  Magic Moments
  168. Mäckie Messer (Dreigroschenoper)  Mackie Messer (midi)
  169. Mack The Knife (Ella Fitzgerald)  Mack The Knife
  170. Make (Jerome Kern)  Believe
  171. Malam Kudus (Franz X. Gruber)  Malam Kudus, Silent Night (midi)
  172. Ma Petite (Joséphine Baker)  Tonkinoise
  173. Marie, Marie, Marie (Tommy Dorsey)  Marie, Marie, Marie
  174. Marina (Rocco Granata)  Marina
  175. Me And My (Billy Rose)  Shadow (midi)
  176. Melancholy (Tommy Edwards)  Baby
  177. Melodie (The Ames Brothers)  D'Amour
  178. Mister (Sarah Vaughan)  Wonderful (midi)
  179. Morgenrot Leuchtest Mir Zum (Wilhelm Hauff)  Zum Frühen Tod (midi)
  180. Morgen Will Mein Schatz (?)  Verreisen (midi)
  181. My Dreams (Doris Day)  Are Getting Better All The Time
  182. My Funny (L. Hart & R. Rogers)  Valentine
  183. My Girl (Fats Domino)  Josephine
  184. My Heart (Guy Mitchell)  Cries For You
  185. My Old Kentucky (Stephen C. Foster)  Home
  186. My Truly  Truly Fair (midi)
  187. My Way (Frank Sinatra)  My Way        
  188. Near You (The Andrew Sisters)  Near You
  189. Neerlansch Volkslied (Hendrik Tollens Cz.)  Wien Neerlands Bloed
  190. Night (Fred Astair)  And Day
  191. Nita!(Traditional)  Juanita! (midi)
  192. Now Is The Hour (Dorothy Steward)  When We Must Say Good-Bye (midi)
  193. Oh Baby Mine (The Four Knights)  I Get So Lonely
  194. Oh Monah (Ted Weems 1931)  Oh Monah
  195. Oklahoma (Rodgers & Hammerstein II)  Oklahoma (midi)
  196. On The Street (Eddy Fisher)  Where You Live
  197. On The Sunny Side (Tony Bennett)  Of The Street
  198. Pack Up (Maggie)  Your Troubles
  199. Pantjing Ikan (B. Buysman)  Indisch Visserlied
  200. Paper (Mills Brothers)  Doll (midi)
  201. Paper (Anita Bryant)  Roses
  202. Pistol (The Andrew Sisters)  Packing Mamaas
  203. Please (Engelbert Humperdinck )  Release Me (midi)
  204. Polly Wolly (author unknown)  Doodle All Day (midi)
  205. Poor People (Chat Atkins, Edith Piaf)  Of Paris
  206. Pretty (Roy Orbison)  Woman
  207. Quieres Me (Julio Iglesias)  Mucho
  208. Rag (The Ames Brothers)  Mop
  209. Rags To (Tony Bennett)  Riches
  210. Ramona (The Blue Diamonds)  Ramona (midi)
  211. Rayuan Pulau Kelapa (Ismail Marzuki)  Tanah airku Indonesia
  212. Red Roses (Guy Lombardo)  For A Blue Lady
  213. Return (Dean Martin)  To Me
  214. Rosamunde (K.S. Richter)  Roll Out The Barrel (midi)
  215. Rum And (The Andrew Sisters)  Coca Cola        
  216. Sail Along (Andy Williams)  Silvery Moon
  217. San Antonio (Bing Crosby)  Rose
  218. Santa (Traditional)  Lucia (MP3)
  219. Santa (Italiaans, Duits, Engels)  Lucia (midi)
  220. Sarina een kind uit ( Kilima Hawaians ca 1950 )  de dessa
  221. Sarie (Zuid-Afrikaans)  Marais (midi)
  222. Save (Emmylou Harris)  The Last Dance For Me
  223. Scarlet (The Kingston Trio)  Ribbons
  224. Scatter (Frankie Masters)  Brain
  225. Secret (Doris Day)  Love
  226. Seht Die Lelien (Friedrich Silcher)  Auf Dem Feld (midi)
  227. Sentimental Me (The Ames Brothers)  Sentimental Me
  228. Seven(Bonny Lou)  Lonely Days
  229. Shall We (Rodgers & Hammerstein)  Dance (midi)
  230. Shanghai (Doris Day)  Shanghai
  231. Shifting (Rusty Draper)  Whispering Sands       
  232. Shine On (The Ink Spots)  Harvest Moon
  233. Show Me The Way (Irving King)  To Go Home (midi)
  234. Sierra (Bing Crosby)  Sue
  235. Silver (Theresa Brewer)  Dollar
  236. Silver Threads (Eben E. Rexford)  Among The Gold (midi)
  237. Simple (Bing Crosby)  Melody
  238. Six Lessons From (Jimmy Dorsey)  Madame La Zonga
  239. Skokiaan (The Four Lads)  Skokiaan
  240. Someday You'll Want Me (Dean Martin)  To Want You
  241. Some Enchanted (Rodgers & Hammerstein)  Evening
  242. Some Of (Cab Calloway)  These Days
  243. Something's (Frank Sinatra)  Gotta Give        
  244. Spanish (Al Martino)  Eyes
  245. Strangers (Frank Sinatra)  In The Night
  246. Summertime (George Gershwin)  Summertime
  247. Swanee (instrumentaal)  Swanee (midi)
  248. Swanee (G. Gerschwin)  Swanee (midi)
  249. Sweet (Maceo Pinkard)  Georgia Brown (midi)
  250. Symphony (Freddy Martin)  Symphony
  251. Talking (Sam Browne)  Picture       
  252. Tea (Tony Bennett)  For Two
  253. Tell Me (The Four Aces)  Why
  254. The Bells Are Ringing (Judy Garland and Gene Kelly)  For Me And My Gal
  255. The Bells Of (Bing Crosby)  St. Mary's
  256. The Broadway ( )  Melody
  257. The Caisson Song (Edmund L. Gruber)  Song of the USArmy (midi)
  258. Three O'Clock  In The Morning
  259. The Gang That Sang (Four Aces)  Heart Of My Heart
  260. The Glow-Worm (The Mills Brothers)  The Glow-Worm (midi)
  261. The Green Grass (Tom Jones)  Of Home
  262. The Lambeth (Al Donohue)  Walk (midi)
  263. The Last Time (Dinah Shore)  I Saw Paris
  264. The Last (Engelbert Humperdinck)  Waltz
  265. There I've (Bobby Vinton)  Said It Again
  266. There's A Pawnshop in (Guy Mitchell)  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  267. Three Coins (The Four Aces)  In A Fountain
  268. The Gypsy (The Ink Spots)  The Gypsy
  269. The Night Is Young And (Frank Sinatra)  You're So Beautiful
  270. The Naughty (The Ames Brothers)  Lady
  271. The Village Of (Andy Williams)  St. Bernadette
  272. The Way You (Frank Sinatra)  You Look Tonight
  273. The Wheel (Kay Starr)  Of Fortune
  274. They Say That Falling In Love (Perry Como)  Is Wonderful
  275. Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Tony Orlando)  Round The Ole Oak Tree
  276. Torero (Renato Carosone)  Torero
  277. Treue Liebe (Helmine von Chezy)  Nur Du Allein (midi)        
  278. Vaya (Les Paul & Mary Ford)  Con Dios
  279. Wake The Town (Johnny Mathis)  And Tell The People
  280. Walking My Baby (Fred Ahlert)  Back Home
  281. We'll Meet Again(Vera Lynn)  Don't Know Where Don't Know When (midi)
  282. Wenn Bei Capri Die Rote Sonne ()  Im Meer Versinkt (midi)
  283. We're going to hang out the washing (Kennedy)  on the Siegfried Line (midi)
  284. When I Am Too Old (Lind Ronstadt)  To Dream       
  285. When I Fall (Nat King Cole)  In Love
  286. When Irish Eyes (Ball & et al)  Are Smiling (midi)
  287. When The Moon (Kate Smith)  Comes Over The Mountain (midi)
  288. When You (Dion & The Belmonts)  Wish Upon A Star (midi)
  289. Whispering (Eugene Hayek)  Whispering (midi)
  290. Whispering (Alice Hawthorne)  Hope (midi)
  291. Whistle While (Snow White, Disney)  You Work (midi)
  292. Who's Sorry Now (Conny Francis)  Who's Sorry Now
  293. Wien (Rudolf Sieczynski)  Du Stadt meiner Träume (midi)
  294. Wilhelmus (Marnix van Aldegonde)  Van Nassaue (midi)
  295. Wish Me Luck (Harry Parr-Davies)   As You Wave Me Goodbye
  296. Wo die Nordseewellen ()  Friesenlied (midi)
  297. Woman (The Four Aces)  In Love (midi)
  298. 'S Wonderful (Gene Kelly)  'S Marvellous       
  299. Yes Sir That's My Baby (Frank Sinatra)  That's My Baby
  300. You Are (Eddy Dutchin)  My Lucky Star
  301. You Are My (J. Davis, C. Mitchell: song of Louisiana)  Sunshine (midi)
  302. You Are (Luv)  The Greatest Lover
  303. You're Nobody's ()  Baby (midi)
  304. You're Just (Rosemary Clooney)  In Love (midi)
  305. Young At (Frank Sinatra)  Heart
  306. You Belong To My Heart (Bing Crosby)  Sólamente una Vez
  307. You Can't (Ken Griffin)  Be True Dear
  308. You You (The Four Knights)  You
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