Datum: 28-03-02
Pulang ke: Indeks Lagu-lagu

Frankie Masters, words by Johnny Burke,
music by Khan Keene, Carl Bean and Frankie Masters

You're as pleasant as the morning and refreshing as the rain
Isn't it a pity that you're such a scatterbrain?
When you smile it's so delightful
When you talk it's so insane
Still it's charming chatter, scatterbrain
I know I'll end up apoplectic
But there's nothing I can do
It's just the same as being in a hurricane
And though my life will be too hectic
I'm so much in love with you
Nothing else can matter
You're my darling scatterbrain

You're as gay as New Year parties, you're as sweet as sugarcane
But when you get serious, you're such a scatterbrain
When we dance I think it's heaven
Till about the third refrain
Then you start your patter, scatterbrain
Perhaps I'm much too analytic
But I'm up the well-known tree
I've tried to understand your double-talk in vain
Yet won't you please forgive your critic
'Cause you mean so much to me
Nothing else can matter
You're my darling scatterbrain

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